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NOTE: Everyone note that you need to have your entry in for the FRIDAY BEFORE the event, to help ensure the meeting runs smoothly, and have your BRCA number validated. Anyone entering on the day will have to produce their valid BRCA affiliation card. Remember, if you haven't pre-entered to allow host clubs to check your BRCA validity, and you cannot produce a valid card on the day, you WILL have to pay the host club to join the BRCA (&pound20) where that club has agreed to prior to the event. Please note that Dunfermline will accept BRCA membership at their rounds only, no other clubs will accept BRCA memberships on the day. So since it costs nothing to use this form to submit an entry (you still only pay when or if you turn up - no-show costs nothing), why not use it now? It makes life so much easier for us running these events...

Entry Form - online

Please book in for the 2018 SORC Series via the email below. Race Fees are £10 per round.

Round 1 Dunfermline 22nd April Entry List

Round 2 Stonehaven 20th May Entry List

Round 3 Dumfries 10th June Entry List

Round 4 Stonehaven 1st July Entry List

Round 5 Dunfermline 22nd July Entry List

Round 6 Falkirk  2nd September Entry List

Round 7 Dumfries 23rd September Entry List

To Enter, just email and let me know what rounds you want entered for and what class (2wd truck, 2wd or 4wd). I shall send back the information in the database that I have for you to check, any errors just reply and I'll fix it.

If you are new to the series, please include the following information:

Name, BRCA Number, contact phone number, Race class, Car Manufacturer, Car Model, Motor Manufacturer, PT Number, Age Category (Junior/Adult/Veteran).




 A condition of entry is that Entrants agree to comply with SORC 2018 Rules, and all other conditions of entry. Do not enter unless you agree to comply.

Timetable for any Sunday Event

  • 08:00 - Booking in Open  
  • 08:30 - Controlled practice heats of 3 minutes
  •   09:25 - Booking in closes
  • 09:30 - Drivers briefing
  • 10:00 - Qualifying - Round 1
  •   16:00pm (Approx) - Prize Giving
  • 16:30 (Approx) - Finals run over 1 leg
The aim is to run each qualifying round no quicker than 1 hour 15m. We will guarantee 15minutes at the end of each round to prep cars etc, however if we get unanimous feedback from drivers the round could drop to 1 hour.